Golf Lessons from a Top Rated Expat Golf Coach in Singapore


Garry is the most highly qualified and experienced golf coach in Singapore with over 35 years of knowledge, playing the PGA tour , teaching and being involved in all aspects of golf… 

Choose a package that suits you !

1 Hour Swing Analysis

1 hour lesson $170

3 Hours Fine Tuning

Video Analysis $480

5 Hour Skills Session “Maximize your power" $745

2 Hours Driving

1 Hour Pitching

1 Hour Irons

1 Hour Fairway Woods

10 Hours Beginners Program


  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Posture
  • Body Pivot
  • Alignment
  • Balance and control

Organise a group and double the learning and fun with friends.

1 person $1265

2 persons $800 per person

3 persons $572 per person

4 persons $458 per person

*All prices are inclusive of GST.

Never played golf before?

Take advantage of my intro lesson.

$60 per person for 45 Minutes.

Tiger Package $2300

Golf Package For Intermediate and Advanced Players

20 hours with Garry one on one. Redefine your skills at your own pace. Using video analysis:

Garry will device a personalised practice routine to fine tune your swing so you can reach your full potential and realize your dream of becoming the best player you can possibly be giving you the best results and a lower handicap. From your driver to irons to fairway woods, pitching club selection, course strategy and lots more, I will make sure you are using the right equipment that suits your swing. I will also take you to the course and see for myself where you may be going wrong, Then we can head  back to the range so I can design drills and exercises to improve your current knowledge, and swing technique. With dedication and practice I will guarantee better results.

At this stage of your golfing career we will be working closely together as Coach and Student 1 on 1. My goal is to make you feel comfortable with me as your coach. I would encourage you to take your time and work on  precisely what we have discussed to maximise your true potential…

Blue Diamond Package

Ultimate golf experience! 

Garry will accompany you for a week of

personalized coaching on the course of your choice anywhere in the world. Play and learn skills and acquire all the on course knowledge of a former Tour Player.

Prices available upon request.